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Welcome, Open Source Services

Open Source Services Infrastructure Management Services provides a flexible, affordable suite of services which help our customers to monitor and manage their infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively, either on site or from a Open Source facility.

Open Source offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas and leverages its proven IT infrastructure assessment tool and methodologies to design solutions that are closely aligned to the client's business strategy.... ADR

Our mission

To provide quality IT Infrastructure Management Services that will add value to our clients' businesses. We will deliver these services through highly committed and motivated teams by innovative thinking and adopting best practices.The services we offer are tailored in a cost-effective manner, but keeping in mind, quality at all.

Be passionate! We love our work and have fun doing it. What motivates us are challenging projects, satisfied customers, and of course engaged colleagues.
Be successful! We never stop listening, learning, and adjusting to the needs of our customer and their business environment. We believe this is the most efficient way of ensuring a lasting project success.

Be responsible! We value responsibility, respect, open-mindedness, and diversity in all aspects of human relations. We are always open to new or different ideas, beliefs, and point-of-views.

Be sharing! We constantly enlarge our knowledge and actively share it with colleagues, customers, and partners. We want to establish a community to get new and useful ideas we believe in realized.

Our Values

Day in and day out, our Values is driven by five steadfast core values:

Integrity :
Making promises we can keep and keeping them, where each team member has ownership for the quality of the service we provide.

Respect :
Esteeming each individual's contributions, valuing the diversity of our ideas and celebrating our accomplishments.

Service Excellence :
Demonstrating the highest standards, wisdom and stewardship in the way we serve external and internal clients, as well as our consultants.

Unity :
Cooperatively building a fun, fulfilling and competitive workplace, collaboratively leveraging our local efforts toward collective success.

'Intra'preneurship (Internal Entrepreneurship) :
Acting as empowered and trusted team members who take direct accountability for turning ideas into profitability through innovation and calculated risk-taking.

Our Approach

Open Source Services brings deep industry and functional expertise to the challenges our clients face.With a solid commitment to quality and service excellence, our people, processes and cross-industry expertise help clients use technology to drive innovation, productivity, growth and performance.