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Open Source ITIL& ISO Quality Services

Open Source

Open Source innovative and cost effective IT infrastructure services help in transforming the client's infrastructure to be more agile and flexible by using the ITIL & ISO Standards. Our technical expertise and proven delivery model provides secure, reliable and cost effective infrastructure services to the clients. Our complete end-end IT infrastructure services covers the complete life cycle from planning to implementation with the ITIL & ISO Standards.

What We Offer:

• Software/Hardware Asset management with ITIL Standards.
• IT Infrastructure maintenance with ISO 27001/ISO 27002 Standards.

ITIL Management:

Infrastructure Lifecycle Management is a methodology of aligning the IT infrastructure with business in such a way that infrastructure will retain good commercial value, from the time it is implemented through its final disposition. Progressive helps organizations minimize the cost, complexity and risk associated with the infrastructure lifecycle by simplifying procure, lifecycle management and logistics.

Business Challenges :
Short listing the most suitable technology to meet business needs can be a very time-consuming process. Environmental goals, business agility, total cost of ownership and user productivity can be impacted by IT procurement and lifecycle management decisions. Choosing and procuring the right technology is just the beginning of the IT supply chain challenge. Organizations also need to ensure effective asset management, configuration, deployment and disposal while setting up the technology standards and maintaining continuity with supply. To avoid any disruption in supply chain, organizations are now looking a reliable IT services and solutions provider which completely meet their lifecycle and logistics needs.

Progressive Solution :
Progressive can support with starting from product introduction, selection, migration & maintenance up till providing advance notification of product transitions so that you can make decisions ahead of time and plan to accommodate changes. Also at the time of product retirement, we can assist with our Disposition services where we remove & dispose off the unwanted assets, leveraging any residual value and ensuring environmentally compliant disposal.


ITIL Benefits:

• Improved IT servic es
• Reduced costs
• Improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery
• Improved productivity
• Improved use of skills and experience
• Improved delivery of third party service.

ISO Standard Maintenance:

ISO 27001 is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It provides a model for risk assessment, security design and implementation, and security management. The ISO 27001 standard specifies implementation and management guidelines to help keep your digital and paper information safe.

ISO 27001 is the only international auditable standard for Information Security Management Systems. It provides independent assurance that your organization complies with legal, statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements bearing sensitive information. Obtaining an ISO 27001 certification proves that you have taken necessary steps to protect sensitive information against unauthorized access.

All our Open Source Services team members will work with the ISO 27001Standards. Our security professionals will maintain your organization with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Open Source Infrastructure maintenance services provides a comprehensive solution to our customers that include:

• Infrastructure Risk Assessment.
• Infrastructure Policy Review and Development: Our security experts review your current policies and make updates and we also develop required policies where needed.
• We work with you to develop the Risk Treatment Plan and determine the security controls from ISO 27001 to implement.
• Our team develops the tracing from your current implementation of controls to the ISO 27001 controls, exclusions and status of future controls.
• Our team will help to implement the required elements of the ISMS including document control, record control, security objectives, metrics, data analysis, and corrective and preventive action systems in infrastructure maintenance.
• Infrastructure Security Awareness Training: Our team will develop custom training for your organization and deliver the awareness training to your personnel. We will establish a plan for awareness training with your security personnel.
• Infrastructure Incident Management System: Our team evaluates your current system and makes recommendation on improving or implementing an incident management system.
• Infrastructure Internal Auditing: We provide internal auditor training to your employees and provide the initial internal audit of the system.
• Infrastructure Corrective and Preventive Action & Maintenance System – Our team will evaluate and improve any existing maintenance system and helps in improving the system
• Management Review: Our security team will facilitate the data analysis, reporting and preparation for the Management Review meeting. We will also guide you through the first meeting and provide support to analyzing and improving your system.

ISO 27001 Benefits:

For one, ISO 27001 certification will enhance the credibility of your organization. With the integrity of your data and systems certified by a 3rd party, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders can have confidence that your organization has taken the necessary measures to protect its information. In addition to giving peace of mind to your current clients, ISO 27001 can also help to attract new, security-conscious customers.

ISO 27001 certification can also strengthen the sense of confidentiality throughout the workplace. This is important when vital information is not only kept on servers and hard drives, but also accessed and remembered by individuals in your organization. ISO 27001 certification can transform your organization's culture, making it one that values your firm's private data.

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