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Open Source Server Management Services

Open Source Services offer a 24/7 server maintenance services, specializing in monitoring Small business servers, Terminal servers' and file and print servers.

We use our Open Source monitoring tools and software to measure key metrics on your business critical servers. The software constantly checks your network for threats and triggers off alarms if there is a problem which is then reported directly to our engineers.

Business Challenges:

• Controlling IT Costs
• Managing IT Services
• Confidently selecting IT solutions
• Increasing staff productivity
• Improving IT security
• Boosting service reliability
• Scaling your operations

What we offer:

At Open Source services, we offer comprehensive server support services to our clients from different industries. We take away the burden of managing IT infrastructure from our clients so that they can devote their resources and energies to their core areas of their business. We support and manage every type of server, and server operating systems. We help you run your servers efficiently and smoothly by monitoring, maintaining and managing the everyday functions of your servers. Our server specialists and networking engineers are well versed in troubleshooting all types of hardware and software issues of servers and networking. During the maintenance and management of your servers, we make sure that your important data remains safe with backup measures. We also make sure that our services bring you reduction in downtime. We can provide our services remotely as well on your own location.

Windows server :

• InitialServer setup and configuration
• Performance monitoring and optimization
• Identity and Directory Services (Active Directory)
• Group Policy – Creating, Trouble shooting
• Authentication (Kerberos)
• Remote Access
• Backup and restore
• Email Administration
• Firewall configuration
• Web Server configuration and administration: IIS
• Web Security services
• Installing configuring and maintaining AD, DHCP, DNS and WINS services
• Install and configure antivirus systems
• Configure Directory Services: LDAP, IBM Tivoli, NTDS, Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, OpenLDAP, Sun Java System Directory Server
• Configure File and Print Services.
• Stributed File System (DFS), File Replication Service (FRS)
• Encrypting File System (EFS), and the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
• Windows patch Management
• Auto backup , Net backup System
• Server Clustering and fail over
• Server Backup Restoration
• Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery
• Server Migration







Linux server :

• InitialServer setup and configuration
• Performance monitoring and optimization
• Directory Servers: OpenLDAP, Netscape Directory Server, Red Hat Directory, Fedora Directory Server (FDS)
• Directory enabled applications: Name Service Switch (NSS), Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM), Sendmail, Apache
• Directory Services : NIS, eDirectory, Apache Directory Server, Red Hat Directory Server,
• Print Services : Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS)
• Configuring FTP server
• Configuring Proxy server using Squid software
• Protocol Services : TCP/IP, POP3, IMAP
• Servers: DNS, DHCP, Samba, NFS and NIS.
• Web Server configuration and administration: IIS, Netscape and Apache.
• Web Security services : Anti Spyware , URL Filter.
• File Services : NFS & Samba.
• E-Mail Administration : Sendmail, Netscape/i-planet, and qmail
• Security Services: PAM, SSH and IPTABLES.
• Other Services : Squid, RAID, LVM, Disk Quotas
• Installation and configuration of MySQL database
• Single Sign On
• Configuring RAID and LVM.
• Maintaining Linux Quota System
• Partition Layout
• Core configuration
• Application configuration
• Starting services
• Configuring the cron Utility
• Setting up Virtual Hosts
• Configuring Files
• Tuning with sysctl
• Tuning disks
• Tuning Kernel Limits
• Adding swap space
• Power and Resource Management


Open Source Supported Servers:

• All types of Windows/Linux servers.
• All types of server hardwares (IBM,DELL,HP,Etc.....).
• All types of server based softwares.
• All types of Database and Application servers(Mysql,MSsql,Oracle,Etc..)
• All types of Central repository systems(CVS,SVN,Etc..)

Our Service Benefits:

• 24x7 Continuous Monitoring
• Peace-of-mind knowing we are constantly monitoring your systems
• The latest Microsoft updates and service packs installed remotely
• Sufficient free disk space is available.Reduces downtime
• Automatic Fixes for common problems
• Improves system availability
• Key applications remain consistently and speedily available
• Far more effective than telephone support and advice
• Reduces downtime helping your users make the maximum use of your IT Servers.
• Enables you to focus on your Core Business

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