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Open Source Solutions

Open Source Services focuses on customer success. We provide flexible delivery models to drive performance and business value throughout a customer's Business.

Our solutions address the complete infrastructure life cycle, from engagement and business design through delivery and operations. Drawing upon expertise in multiple domains, technologies, tools, and platforms, we employ both industry-standard and innovative proprietary methodologies as well as best practices to develop, implement, and deliver solutions configured to order, for our customers. To ensure consistently high quality of service, we employ proven standardized and automated programs plus flexible staffing solutions to meet each customer's unique needs and goals. And we continuously improve our service capabilities and delivery through strategic vendor alliances and attentive product management, attainment of certifications and continuing professional development, and customization of services to user-defined levels.

Open Source Services offers a range of solutions that help organizations to align their business goals with IT strategies. Our team deliver solutions that are specific to your industry and technology requirements, and help you grow faster in your business. We can develop solutions that are customized to serve your specific business requirements.

Whether you need infrastructure assessment and alignment, a technology implementation or migration, or continuing support, we can provide the solution to help you achieve the results you seek.

We offer a range of service options, customized to the specific requirements of yours. These include:

All the above solutions are being served to it's customer in a systematic manner by following the processes as per ISO & ITIL standards. It helps us to take care of the measures specified in the SLA. Apart from the above activities, our Systems department keeps a strong and close on upcoming technologies to keep a pace with the outside IT world.

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